Lincoln Baxter

Charlotte, NC

Matchup: Miracles

Typically you can take your time to set up against this match, land an early , with counter-backup, and attempt to kill once the path is clear. You might even wait a turn after taking a look at their hand with . Now that is banned, and is less prevalent, your biggest concern is ,…


Matchup: Stoneblade

In my experience, control decks employing are a favorable matchup in which is generally very effective when recurred with . Stoneblade decks are threat-light, and like to run on three to four mana or more, so keeping them mana-constructed is an effective strategy. Some Stoneblade decks do play , so if you see basic lands,…

16th place at Grand Prix Las Vegas – Tournament Recap (Plus 4-0 Legacy Double-up)

Wednesday before the tournament, I flew in with the rest of Team TopDecked (Mark Evans, David Riegel, Mike Howe, Bill Schlichting, and Mike Langas were all sporting TopDecked Tees). we unloaded in our hotel room, got some food at a local Thai restaurant where we promptly ran into Craig Wescoe and some of his friends. The food was great, but patronage was suspect 😉 After getting…